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Bassett Furniture donates $10,000 in furniture to Pathways

Bassett Furniture donates $10,000 in furniture to Pathways

To celebrate the opening of its new store in Hoover, Bassett Furniture donated $10,000-worth of new furniture to Pathways' transitional apartments in Woodlawn on November 1.

Four of Pathways' residential guests, who are moving into the apartments, were on hand to witness the surprise delivery on Friday. The women, who have been residing with their children in Pathways' Southside shelter for families for the past several months, were moved to tears when they saw the delivery truck arrive. Not only will each of them soon be living in a private apartment, but they will be sleeping on brand new beds.

A group of Regions employees, who spent the day volunteering at Pathways' Southside shelter, took a break from their volunteer work to join the guests in witnessing the surprise. Regions has supported Pathways for many years through funding, volunteers, and gift-in-kind donations.

As the truck pulled up, the crowd went up in cheers, and tears began to be shed. Representatives from Bassett Furniture, along with Pathways Executive Director Maria Dickens, described how Bassett wanted to give back to the community to which it is returning home and how Pathways' mission to end homelessness for women and children made it the perfect fit for the gift.

Pathways provides transitional shelter and transitional housing for homeless women and children. Guests reside in the shelter program for an average of six months, sharing living space with other women and children. As they make steps toward achieving life goals that will enable them to obtain permanent housing again, they qualify to move into the transitional housing program, like that in Woodlawn, where they have greater autonomy and more independence. They can live in the program for up to a year, during which time they continue to receive case management and wrap-around services from Pathways to ensure their successful transition to living on their own again.

The surprise donation may lead to continued and stronger partnerships between Pathways and Bassett and Regions. Bassett employees were buzzing with ideas on how they might volunteer with the agency, and some of the Regions volunteers offered to help the women and their families get settled into their new apartments.

Pathways is extremely grateful to Bassett Furniture for this wonderful gift to help our homeless families feel more at home!