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10-year-old best friends give remarkable gift

Mary Emma and Liles have been best friends forever. In fact, their mothers have been best friends with each other for most of their lives as well. These two girls also happen to have birthdays that are very close. So this past January, they celebrated their 10th birthdays with a joint party.

They also decided to make a huge sacrifice together. They each agreed to ask all of their guests to not give them any birthday gifts.

Instead, they asked that everyone bring a brand new doll. Instead of keeping the dolls, Mary Emma and Liles donated them to Pathways to distribute to children living in the agency's transitional shelter program.

The girls said they both are already blessed with plenty of toys and realized that other children are not so lucky. So the sacrifice, they said, really wasn't all that hard to do. The pride they felt in knowing that they would make homeless children smile was the best gift they could ask for.