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The Power of the Link

Community partners are essential to all United Way agencies. They give us at Pathways the ability to constantly impact someone’s life. Every time a person, like you, chooses to donate your time or your resources, a link is created. You become linked to not just our mission, but become connected to lives of the individuals we aim to reach.

Mother Teresa was once quoted saying, “Good works are links that form chains of love”, and I believe that is true. Every time a volunteer chooses to serve, an additional link is added to each United Way agency’s chain. The chain grows stronger every time community partners choose to donate items on an agencies wish list. They may choose to host an event in honor of a specific agency. Every time a volunteer chooses to serve lunch in our Day Center or tutor a young child. The chain grows stronger.

The chain is strengthening each time a group offers our guests the opportunity to gather for a bible study or offer a prayer of encouragement. The chain does not grow without community support. It does not grow without having a community recognize the need for agencies like ours. Pathways is a United Way agency, therefore linked to larger initiatives within our community. We are a chain of love created by links of our surrounding community’s compassion.

If you are interested in learning more ways to help feel free to browse our web page or contact our Volunteer Coordinator Janis Evans at 205-322-6854 or

Janis Evans is the Volunteer Coordinator/Development Assistant at Pathways