How You Can Help

Needed Items

We accept donations at both our Downtown location at 409 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd N from 8-5 PM, Monday-Friday.

  • Downtown Day Center

    2X-6X Tops and Capris
    Plus size women's clothing
    Adult socks
    Bras (bigger sizes: 46-C, 48-DD, 50-B)
    Women’s Underwear
    Pull over shirts with three buttons
    Leggings (up to 6x)
    Jeans (women's sizes 8-30)
    Sneakers (size 8-11)
    Flip Flops for showering

    Body spray
    Body wash
    Body powder
    Big bars of soap
    Travel size shampoo
    Travel size conditioner
    Travel size lotion
    Bath towels
    Face towels
    Hand sanitizer