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Welcome to Pathways

Pathways is a United Way agency that serves homeless women and children. We provide a safe place to stay, clean clothes and hot meals. We also supply training and education programs to help both women and children transition back into the community. In short, Pathways is A Woman's Way Home.

Pathways provides short-term and long-term transitional housing, plus permanent housing for homeless women with mental illness. Last year, with help from people just like you, we were able to serve more than 1,500 homeless women and children.

Thank you for your interest in Pathways. If you would like to help in some way, we welcome you to learn more here or contact us directly. We appreciate your support of our mission to end homelessness for women and children through hospitality, housing, and hope.

Pathways Blog

  • How To Build Relationships in the Homeless Community - 101

    Love. Humility. Gentleness. Unrequited service. Friendship. These are all at the heart of what we seek to show out of love for our community.

  • Enabling or Empowering?: Considering How We Help the Homeless

    Is it possible that we are actually hurting the very people we so desperately desire to help?

  • Project Homeless Connect

    This year, Project Homeless Connect (PHC) was a huge collaboration between 65 agencies and more than 1,000 volunteers offering resources to more than 900 people in need. Many of our staff members served as volunteers and they each saw PHC from a different perspective…